Céline Decaux

Battery R&D and Test Manager

Alexandre Chureau

CEO / Partnership Development

Our Mission : We Help You Master Your Battery Lifespan

We design components for efficient energy storage, which is the cornerstone of a clean and sustainable economic development. This is our motivation behind the development of the EVER Active Balancing technology that prolongs battery life.

EVER Active Balancing is integrated in each of our Battery Management System, transforming your battery in a source of value and services and paving the way for high quality batteries and new business models.


It is by creating an alliance between semiconductor technologies, embedded software and electrochemistry that Enerstone designs ground-braking battery management systems. The result is much more than a BMS: it is a battery optimization technology that makes your batteries work smarter and last longer.

Born with a DNA for research & innovation, the team has filed many patents and actively pursues an R&D program.

Our Customers

We help Pack Makers and Equipement Manufacturers to protect their batteries from ageing due to weak cells. We address any application where the battery represents a large cost of the equipment cost and where battery failure or loss of capacity adversely impacts the user experience or the equipment that is powered.

Enerstone provides a quality assurance that differentiates a battery from its competitors and enhance the reliability of the final product.


Our team is located in Grenoble, France, in the heart of a rich ecosystem of high tech companies and clusters in both cleantech and silicon technologies.