Active Balancing & BMS

We make your battery more resistant

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  • Reduces battery failure risk and maintenance fees
  • Saves weight and money by reducing the oversizing of your batteries
  • Boosts your brand image by offering more reliable batteries thanks to our patented technology


The Enerstone’s Active Battery Balancer is an electronic circuit connected to a rechargeable battery that performs battery diagnostic and ensures the safe operation of the battery.  Thanks to its patented Active Balancing, the Balancer supports the weakest cells of the battery with the strongest ones, during both charge and discharge. This results in outstanding battery endurance and lifespan.

Choose the Best Option for Your Battery

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Main Features

  • Compatible with all lithium chemistries from 4S to 16S
  • Increased battery lifespan thanks to Enerstone’s patented active balancing
  • 2A Active balancing current on cell tap
  • Self-powered on the battery, very low consumption
  • Redundant active and passive protections
  • Delivered ready to connect directly to your assembly line
  • 150 x 115 x 10 mm - 130g
  • Customization possible, please contact us

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