Integrate Enerstone Balancer in Your Application

Your main concern about your battery is that it holds the distance. This is where the Enerstone Balancer makes the difference: designed to protect and keep your battery at the top of its performance at all times, your power source will always be up to your expectations.

Main Markets :

Stationary Energy Storage

Solar panel and stationary energy storage
  • Smart Grid
  • Renewables Storage
  • Charging Station Battery
  • Fuel Cell Battery
  • Backup power


Electric Vehicles

e-Bike on a mountain road
  • Electric Scooters
  • E-Bikes
  • Electric Wheelchairs
  • E-Boats
  • Drones

2nd life

Accumulateurs de batterie 18650 en laboratoire
  • Packs which have been reassembled with cells with different ages or second life cells

Use cases :

Drone de livraison

Professional drones

In a drone delivery service, devices are used throughout each day and the batteries therefore wear out very quickly. The active balancing of the Enerstone BMS made it possible to extend the battery life of these drones by more than 30%.
Benefits provided : lifespan, reliability
Used product : 8S active balancing BMS

Logistic and handling AGV

Logistic Automated Guided Vehicles are always moving, and need to recharge their batteries quickly and efficiently to go back to work as fast as possible. These numerous charges and discharges quickly wear out the battery and Enerstone’s active balancing BMS helps limit this usury.
Benefits provided : lifespan, precise diagnosis of the state of charge of the pack, remote control of the battery via CAN bus
Used product : 8S active balancing BMS with isolated CAN card