Enerstone supports the energy transition by increasing the lifespan of Lithium-ion batteries, therefore providing an alternative to their obsolescence. Enerstone’s Active Balancing products circuit helps battery manufacturers develop long lasting products for electric mobility as well as renewable energy storage systems.

Some key figures

The autonomy of a battery is limited by the weakest of its cells. At the end of its life, your battery is in fact more than 90% still operational! Enerstone restores the balance between the cells of your battery using a compact and innovative electronic circuit. Enerstone’s active balancer helps you benefit from the full capacity of your battery at every charge and extends its useful life by 34%, protecting your investment and the environment.

Our Core Team


Alexandre Chureau

Chief Executive Officer, Founder
“My objective: Transform your batteries into a key enabler for the energy transition rather than just another future waste.”
PhD in Microelectronics
Founder of Enerstone in 2012, in charge of product development and of strategic partnerships.


Céline Decaux

Chief Innovation Officer
PhD in Electrochemistry
Céline coordinates the research activities of Enerstone as well as our Battery Engineering Service. She masters areas such as battery design, ageing and safety and knows batteries from inside out.


Enerstone powers the EnerNet

Enerstone will be present June 2nd 2016 for the Forum 5i which takes places at Grenoble, France. Forum 5i is a leading event for technology startups in Rhone Alpes area. The 2016 Technology showcase is focused on the emerging Enernet applications. The Enernet includes new technologies & usages allowed by internet connectivity and advanced software poised to disrupt Energy markets. Enerstone holds a key position to enable enernet technologies. Our products are the interface between mobile or stationnary energy storage - batteries - and energy used to load and discharge. Our know-how allows us to integrate private network or internet connectivity on the battery via Enerstone enhanced BMS. Contact us if you'd like to meet us during the event!